When aiming to move to a new property, the last thing on your mind is to inquire about the state of the locks on the front doors or the existing number of duplicate keys. While important aspects such as neighborhood safety and criminality rate in the area might interest you when deciding which property to buy, lock and key information sound like as pesky details to ask for. However, picture you first night spend under your brad new rooftop which will be your home for the next few years; be it a brand new apartment or a home you have bought form someone else, doesn’t the thought of not being the exclusive owner of the front door key start to trouble you? Just how safe are you and should you consider having your locks changed?

Why Changing Locks Is A Good Idea

First and foremost, moving into a house or apartment that have been previously used by former owners automatically makes you think other people might be still holding on to their own copies of your keys. Also, when moving into a brand new building or condo, the picture of the former owner unlocking your door at 3 in the morning is out of discussion. However, there are cases when one or two hard copies of the owner’s keys might get left behind after the workers are done painting the walls and taking care of the final details. While this does not happen intentionally, and it will certainly not happen should you choose our properties, errare humanus est – or the err is human – so needless to say accidents can happen. To gain your peace of mind, it is recommended that you get in touch with a professional locksmith company and replace all of your locks. You can click here and immediately get in touch with Authorized Locksmiths, a 24/7 locksmith company that also handles residential and automotive lockout emergencies no matter what state or area you might leave in these fellows have offices all major cities around the country and their teams of technicians are fully insured and licensed, ready to handle our every lock rekey, installation, repair need, while providing key duplicate and even transponder reprogramming services. Changing your locks will protect you in the unfortunate event some keys might end up in the wrong hands. Just make sure you get in touch with community association and see if it is ok to change the locks or doors for cosmetic reasons or if it is best to simply rekey your locks to preserve uniformity.