More than 32,000 units in 13 states

From the beginning, Embrey’s development team has had the ability to “see” the potential in locations that others may have dismissed. Our ability to execute and transform vision to value has earned us a reputation for creating some of the highest value rental properties in the markets we serve.

Rigorous Analysis + Vision = Success

We analyze the market in geat detail to determine the type of development that creates the best outcome for all parties including investors, partners, tenants, the community and buyers. We have a proven record of creating plans for optimal land use and design creativity that make the most of natural and man-made features.

More than curb appeal – lifestyle appeal

At Embrey, we have earned a reputation for excellence in style and craftsmanship. Our exterior designs are aesthetically pleasing, with sophistication and class. We design our properties for the ultimate living experience, including “behind-the-wall” features that can’t be seen but advance quality.

The special qualities of balancing function and creativity means our units consistently drive premium rental rates in their markets. We have as strong record of investors coming back to work with us. Above all, in every community we develop, we follow the Embrey tradition: “Honesty and integrity in everything we do.”