Embrey’s strength and diversity today is built on a legacy of strong performance.

The cornerstone of the diversified company Embrey is today was established in 1974 when Walther Embrey, Jr., launched Embrey Partners during one of the worst recessions in the industry. His focus on always doing the right thing with a solid core of employees and reliable industry partners proved to be the defining difference in success.

For the past 10 years, the company’s day-to-day executive leadership has been in the hands of Trey Embrey, president and CEO, and the performance and accolades continue to be among the best in the industry. Trey previously led his own successful real estate investment and development company, which provided valuable insight and experience in ownership and leadership of a dynamic and nationally recognized company like Embrey.

From investment, to development to construction to property management, the Embrey culture and award-winning performance is built into its DNA.