Embrey’s successful past is backed by strong leadership. So is its future.

LogoforHistoryPage In 1974, Walter Embrey, Jr. launched Embrey Partners during one of the worst recessions in the industry. So how has the company managed a continual steady rise? By building a core of dedicated development partners that share in the same secret to success — always doing the right thing no matter what and operating with the utmost integrity.

That’s still the cornerstone of the Embrey brand. Embrey Partners has been a respected industry player for several decades with a reputation for attracting strong leaders to its collaborative team. In fact, many of Embrey’s top management team offer long-standing tenures with the company and have been part of its ongoing success.

Walter Embrey, Jr.’s enthusiasm for the real estate development business is ingrained in the company’s DNA and always will be. So it’s no surprise that his son Trey returned to Embrey after ten years of leading his own successful real estate investment and development company — an experience that gave him valuable insight into ownership and leadership.

From development to construction to property management, the Embrey Partners culture is unique, and decades in the making. It’s “the Embrey influence” — the conservative process of measuring risk to balance all aspects of the business — which will enable this respected development organization to flourish for decades to come.